Shrink the Fat is committed to assisting each individual on their journey to better health and wellbeing, and ultimately, looking and feeling better. The key to maintaining your goal weight is through diet and exercise. That is why we work closely with two of the best in the business – nutritionist Sally Garrard of Apple to Zucchini, and health club Kosama fitness.

Shrink the Fat will assist you in reaching your ideal weight before you consider any surgery. Quite often, once you have reached your goal weight, any excess fat or cellulite can be reduced with the specialised procedures offered by Form & Function Clinic and Clinic Aesthetic.

Apple to Zucchini

Diet is the key to achieving and sustaining a desired weight. Apple to Zucchini offers individualised support and advice, from losing a few kilos right through to specifically designed meal plans accounting for your food preferences, lifestyle, training/exercise habits and long-term health goals.  Apple to Zucchini will help you achieve good health before undergoing any treatments.

Kosama Fitness

In addition to maintaining a healthy diet, regular exercise assists in maintaining your goal weight for the long term. It is essential to find a motivating and professional health club that will support and monitor your progress. Kosama’s personal trainers closely monitor and electronically track every workout and provide a motivating environment with exceptional facilities.

Upon consultation with Dr Scott, you will be advised on your customised pre- procedure plan. You will be supported 100 per cent of the way through Apple to Zucchini and Kosama fitness, and reach your end goal of looking and feeling better.

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